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Mtenders Africa is a complete solution for Supply Chain Automation and provides a secure, seamless and easy to use cloud-based Procurement SaaS Platform. We're poised to change the way Supply Chain Digitization is perceived. From automating RFQs to Tenders and real-time Auctions to generating insightful business Analytics - We offer it all.


The Next Generation Online Procurement Solution

Mtenders Africa offers the complete solution to automate all your Procurement needs by following the most optimised and cost-saving methodology.

From start-ups to large enterprises, Mtenders Africa can be customised for all. Our experienced and seasoned Supply Chain Consultants helps the client to build the effective and structured KPIs to assess the quality of your potential suppliers.

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What Mtenders Africa can offer to you

Security included

Our secure cloud platform gives the highest degree security to your Tender data. All the sensitive data like financial bid, passwords are tranferred in encrypted manner to ensure that there would be no data leakage.

Easy template-based creation

Creation of Tenders, RFQs, Supplier Prequalification or other Supply Chain events only needs few click using an easy-to-create excel based template that gives you flexibility to change your KPIs as per the requirement.

Diverse SCM tools

Mtenders offers a varied range of Supply Chain Management tools - #Tender #SupplierPrequalification #RFQ #RFP #RFI #Negotiation #PurchaseOrder #Invoice #Inventory #Contract.

Professional Support

Our Professional Procurement Consultants are always availaible to support you for hosting or filing of the Tenders smoothly and do the background check for the potential Supplier effectively.

Ready-to-use Platform

Mtenders Africa is a ready-to-use portal that allows you to be ready for your event within a single day. You just have to share the brand guidelines and any specific Procurement related KPI requirement.

Powerful analytics

Upon completion of your exercises, Mtenders Africa provides you an exceptional Analytics interface where you can generate interesting and meaningful insights that could help you to make important decisions.

One-stop Solution for hosting Online Tenders, PQ, RFQs, RFPs and RFIs

Supplier Prequalification

Our comprehensive Database of more than 25,000+ quality bidders helps you to shortlist the best of the best for the Supply of your Procurement needs.

Our State-of-the-art Supplier Prequalification solution helps you to create the most effective KPIs to evaluate the potential Suppliers technically and measure their capabilities to ensure the uninterrupted and timely supply.


We offer the most effective and seamless platform to Request for Quotation or Information or Proposal from the Technically Qualified Suppliers in the most easy and user-friendly manner.

We understand the usual confusion among Procurement industry for the difference between RFI, RFP and RFQ. Mtenders Africa has evolved a novel online methodology to ask for the Quotation from the shortlisted Suppliers to get the best Bid and compare them to award the job to the preferable and Quality Bidder.


The Online TenderBox is your companion to carry out different types of Tenders Online that mimics even the most tedious offline exercise.

Mtenders assess both the Technical and Financial capabilities of the Potential Suppliers, following the conceptually correct methodologies like Quality-cum-Cost based Selection (QCBS), Quality based Selection (QBS), Least Cost Selection (LCS) and Highest Cost Selection (HCS).


Our post Tender impactful Analytics reporting provide the most meaningful Business Insights that helps you to make better Procurement decisions.

We offer a customised and relevant Analytics and Reporting module that assess and depict the Tender results data and structurize into exceptional graphs, charts and numeric figures to get the precise summary of all the Bids received that helps you to save time and optimise the Procurement budget.

Online Auctions included

Real-time Competitive Bidding Auction Platform

Mtenders Africa SaaS platform comes with an easy-to-use web and mobile platform for running Live and Simulcast Auctions.

Your potential bidders can login from the mobile or the web app from anywhere and participate in Live Auctions by bidding on the respective items. We cater the needs for all types of Auctions - low value to extremely complecated high value Auctions.

Mtenders Africa is great for

Anyone who is looking to Automate Online Tenders

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Live Tenders

Transparency - Security - Integrity

What you will get with Mtenders Africa

Built on an Advance Technology Framework, we ensure the quality and security of the SaaS platform that keeps your data secure and host your events smoothly


User dashboard comes with most of the relevant information within a single page that makes it easier to use.

Save money

Moving your Tenders and Auctions efficiently will save you more money by optimising your SCM lifecycle.


Our flexible template-based process creation helps you to change your KPIs as and when required.

Document Archives

Mtenders Africa stores the Bidder's documents securely over cloud that could be downloaded on event completion.

Our rich legacy of Clientele

100+ Successful Hosting of Tenders and Auctions

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Anyone who's looking to Buy or Sell after analysing the potential capabilities of their counterpart can subscribe with us.
Though our seasoned Consultants carry out the complete exercise on behalf of the entity, but we provide a complete end-to-end training of the subscribed products to the client.
We offer flexible options of either host on Mtenders shared cloud hosting or we do allow dedicated hosting as well. We do have offering for API integration to your existing ERP as well.
Our customised pricing allows you to select the service and engage for short term events or long term dedicated plans.

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